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Everytime I go here I am always greeted by smiles and friendly faces! The cleaning is wonderful there is only one thing I would recommend. It is a very kid-friendly dentist but maybe it could also be a bit more teen-friendly as well! Thank you for your time!

Both my daughters have had their first dentist appointments here. They love the kid friendly atmosphere, especially the kid size front door. Hygienists take great care of the kids.

I've been with Meckler Pediatric Dentistry since I was little and have always been satisfied with the care from them. The hygienists are super sweet, Dr. Gary is a lot of fun, the receptionists are really helpful, and all of them are so calm that being afraid to get my teeth cleaned doesn't enter my mind. :D Meckler Pediatric Dentistry is a great place and I don't ever want to leave. The team there is amazing and my teeth have always had the best care from all of them!

Kiera just had her first dental appointment with Dr Meckler. She actually had her first encounter with a representative from Dr Meckler office at her school. When I picked her up she told me about her new tooth brush and goodies that were given to her. So I made a appointment with them and Karen was so helpful and polite on the phone.
She helped me get all the paper work done on line which was nice to do at my convience so all I needed to do was sign off on the forms. Since Kiera had never been to a dentist before I asked if I could bring her by and take a brief tour, which Karen said that we could at any time. A few weeks later we went by to take a tour. I was looking forward to meeting Karen because it's so nice when you get to talk to someone so nice and helpful on the phone. Karen was off that day, but we went and it was
really nice to get greeted by other staff members. The whole staff was friendly. The day of Kieras appointment was the best! I can't say enough great things about the staff up front. Candice was was very comforting to Kiera and explained everything she was going to do for her. Then we got to meet Dr Meckler. He was just as comforting and also explained things to Kiera. She even let him count her teeth. We are looking forward to our next appointment.
Thank you Dr Meckler and Staff
Patricia Torres